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  1. Lavoy M.

    Thank you for great message on the faith of Moses! May we all follow his example!

  2. Bud

    Good morning dear Pastor John

  3. Cindy Clark

    Cindy Clark is watching with her granddaughter from WA state! My daughter is healing from her surgery infection-thank you so much for your prayers! God is so good!

  4. Lynn Blacker

    Ron and Lynn Blacker are watching from home!

  5. Jimmy Davis

    Praying for family. We worked together had great friendship. Will miss her. Very nice service. Teri Davis

  6. Carol atkinson

    Thank you, John, for he message today. From time to time, I have bouts of depression and y our message has helped.

  7. Virginia McCubbin (Jenny)

    Very special message. Thank you.

  8. Sharon Bergren


  9. Virginia McCubbin

    Enjoying the service as usual,every Sunday.

  10. Martha Keesee

    Another great message. God bless you and Donna. JP\’s music and Steve, I\’ll be leaving August 29 for Missouri. Returning the week after October 10 for back home. We desire your prayers for safe traveling. Hopefully I can listen to you in KC, Missouri.

  11. Sharon N Coustier

    Thank you Pastor John for your encouraging message of hope. God bless you.

  12. Sharon Bergren

    Great service and song..

  13. Sharon N Coustier

    Thank you Pastor for a wonderful sermon. God bless you and your family

  14. Cynthia Wolcott

    Our strength, hope and love is in you Jesus! Thank you Paster, JP and especially you Jon for all the work you do behind the scenes so we can all be blessed! Stay safe all!

  15. Bud & BJ Blumke

    It was so great being able to attend your sermon and the singing from way up in Oregon. Thank you God for this technology

  16. Sharon Bergren

    Enjoy watching sermon on line, but sure miss my church family…..Stay safe everyone out there..

  17. Don and Joan Gilbertsen

    Prescription for Peace sermon by Pastor John was outstanding and so very timely for today! His words on prayer were especially appreciated and always applicable. The songs were well chosen by Pastor JP and fit perfectly with the message, especially “Without Him”…. feeling so Blessed this morning!!!

  18. Margery Schuyler (Midge)

    What a blessing your streaming services are for me. It’s the only “church” I’m attending at this time and the sermons have been real food for the soul. Have a great vacation.

  19. Margery Schuyler (Midge)

    What a wonderful blessing your streaming services are for me.
    Your sermons are food for the soul
    as this is the only “church” available now. Midge Schuyler

  20. Jennifer Akers

    Thank=You for a wonderful service! God Bless Everyone! Have A Blessed Week!

  21. Ted & Lavoy

    Thank you for a wonderful message and our singers are inspiring, reminders of what we are missing.
    God bless you all.

  22. Jennifer Akers

    Thank-You once again for a much needed and wonderful service Pastor John. May you have a very Blessed week, God Bless You and Everyone

  23. Jennifer Akers

    Thank-You for a wonderful Sermon and Service! Have A Blessed Week….Everyone!

  24. Jennifer Akers

    Thank-You for a Wonderful Service. Have A Blessed Week….Everyone!

  25. Billy Charles Biby

    Good morning Pastor John. Good morning Green Valley Baptist.

    We are blessed to hear Gods word via inter-net. Praying for the day

    we can again hear it in our house of worship

  26. Cheryl Dye

    Great message on this beautiful Mother’s Day!

  27. Susan Robinson

    Wonderful message and music. Trust and obey through everything. Maintain a tender heart.

  28. Roger Conroy

    Website slow this am

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