Tune in each day at 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday to watch a devotion from our Pastors. 

Public Worship Closed

Online service only for the time being.

Sunday School

JP’s Sunday School class, every Sunday at 9:00 AM.

Saints Alive Christmas Program

Dave Alhart & Friends

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The Mission of the Green Valley Baptist Church: To connect the unconnected to Christ in the greater Green Valley area, and beyond, and engage in ministry as joyous Christ followers.

Covid Task Force Announcement – Public Worship Closed

Online service only.


Online Service: 10:30 AM

Sunday School Online: 9:00 AM

Sunday Life Group meeting via Zoom: 6:00 PM

Monday: Women’s Bible Study 9:30 AM

Monday-Saturday Daily Devotionals: 6:00 PM 

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting via Zoom: 6:45 PM

Thursday: Women’s Bible Study 10:00 AM

Thursday: Bible Study with Barry Blocher via Zoom: 3:00 PM

Sunday Service

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