August 13th Devotion

GVBCPastor Steve

Posted by Gvbc Member on Thursday, August 13, 2020

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  1. Hi Steve, Sharon here. I had a very lengthy comment for you on 8/10 but it was very personal so I reluctantly deleted it. But tonite truly spoke to me even more. I am guilty of not putting Christ first. And I suffer for it in so many ways. When you said, putting some one ahead of Christ short changes us of Gods blessings it truly opened my eyes. For blessings to occur you must go to the source of those blessings…mere man cannot bless you in the way that God can. He created us and He knows what blessings are best for us in order to service him and others. Thank you for you devotion this evening. I’m not on zoom but I’m here every nite

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