OWLS Sunday School Class

Teacher: Jc (John) Congdon

Meets in Room: C-1

We invite you to join our Sunday School class for adults of all ages. Our class is known as the GVBC “OWLS” class. You many wonder what a hoot that could be… Well let me explain just a bit. The name “OWLS” is an acronym as follows:

O – Older, because we are an active church family in Green Valley and many of us are a bit older, which is a good thing!

W – Wiser, because many of us are a bit more mature and have been followers of Jesus Christ for several years. Hopefully, we can share some of our gained wisdom with others. 

L – Loving, because we love the Lord and others, we can serve with a Christ-like love. 

S – Saints, because we have trusted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are His Saints promoting His coming Kingdom in a lost and dying world. 

In our class we study God’s word, looking at many of the books in the Bible, along with a good and diverse coverage of different topical studies.

All of our topics and studies are intended to get us thinking about what we are doing to grow and mature as followers of Jesus Christ.

Come check us out, we would love to have your join in with us.