Jewell’s updates

Hi everyone!

I am excited to tell you I graduated from Discipleship Bible school!! After 3 months of really diving into the bible (we read the whole book in 3 months) I have gained so much ground on biblical truth. I never knew the story of the bible, I just knew how to open up to a certain passage and ask God what I can get from it. This school taught me how to through critically thinking and applying  historical background about the text I was able to see God’s redeeming plan from genesis to revelation. In DBS I was really challenged in homework and time management, by the end of it i was really questioning if I heard right from the lord to do this school. Homework is so not my forte lol. After spending a lot of time in prayer I had the revelation of laying down the atmosphere I thrive in is what keeps the fire burning on my offering table for god. Learning to be obedient in the mundane little things has been so refining. Every day I am confronted with new ways I’m not laid down for Jesus. It is a bittersweet challenge. 


I was really itching to be home and couldn’t wait to see my family. Since being home I was so so blown away to see god moving and answering my prayers all the way from Hawaii. One thing I’m always praying for is my brother and while I was home I have seen a complete 180 in his relationship with God. It really opened my eyes to see how close-minded I am to someone’s curiosity about Jesus and religion. Just because someone doesn’t believe but is asking questions doesn’t mean God isn’t moving. I believe God provoked every question or doubt that Abe has had to lead him to the many conversations about Jesus and his abundant love that now captivates him. Prayer is so powerful people. 


Coming back to Kona to start the Worldview quarter I am full of God’s vision for myself and this school. Sometimes I lose that but it has been prayer that keeps me rooted in his promises. This worldview quarter is learning how all 7 spheres of society: Family, Economics, Government, Religion, Education, Communication, and Celebration influence a biblical worldview. This quarter is more about finding where my beliefs are rooted how that affects my values, principle, and the fruit of my belief in what I practice. 

So far I’m in week 3 and I’m so busy with homework and work duties serving the community, watching kids in my neighborhood, and the homeless community with bible distribution. I’m learning now how I’ve so doubted God’s call in my life to pursue the lost. Like how can I make that a career? I think I’ve let the lack of material things get in the way of seeing God’s provision. Last night in a time of worship I was so wrecked at the promise of seeing the lost found in my life. I have a gift for relationships with broken people because my heart relates to them and that is significant. I worry a lot about the future and my next plan which allows me to doubt God’s plan, but I’m beginning to see God calling me into missions Long term here in Kona. 


I’m still praying about what that looks like but I so would appreciate you praying for wisdom and provision in this mission of mine. I really love you guys who have brought me to where I am and how you’ve all believed in God’s Great Commission for my life. Please reach out if you have questions about what I am doing or even want prayer!!! This isn’t just my mission but yours as you are the ones who have sent me.  My link below is to help with finances and would so so appreciate your contribution. If you would like to partener with me financially I have a missions funding account that you can give through.  IT IS TAX DEDUCTABLE!!!  There is an option for a one time donation or a monthly donation. Its super easy!!!!!! As of right now i am receiving about $400 a month  to cover my financial needs… housing, school tuition,ect. My goal is to be at $600 a month to be for all costs to be covered. 
Much love – J <3

YWAM Youth With A Mission
Update from Jewell Woodard

As most of you know, I am a part of a christian ministry based in Kona, HI. Almost a year ago, I came here and learned so much about what Jesus has for me in life and that he has chosen me to be a part of the great commission. Three days out of the week, we partner with the local
Micronesian church and reach the lost people around us and serve them. We have done prayer walks and house to house evangelism these past 2 weeks. My schedule is jam packed every day. I start with 2 hours of corporate prayer, classwork duty (grounds work around campus), intercession, homework and if I have time, maybe the beach. In September, I will be starting a 9 month Discipleship bible school. For this school, I am asking to receive $900 – $1200 a month to help pay the full cost of my tuition and living expenses. If you would like to help support me or continue to support me and partner in the call God has on my life, you can click the link below and sign up to support me monthly or a one time donation. Please keep your eyes open for more updates on what God is doing in my life!

Jewell Woodard



Leadership track is coming to an end. A bittersweet moment. 
Track has been go go go, always pushing for breakthrough within the staff and contending for incoming students. Not a lot of time for processing. I’m glad to say that I will have about 2 weeks of rest before my Discipleship Bible School starts. Lots of time to consecrate my heart for the seeds the lord is waiting to sow.


The Lord so lovingly has placed me in friendship with wonderful women of God who were looking for a roommate. 
I never thought about the idea of living off campus, for a first year staff it isn’t usual.  The 4 girls I now live with prayed and had my name. A week later I asked about the open spot in their apartment. I know god so specifically placed me with these 4 women. Praise god for a full kitchen and a nice bedroom. 


I just want to share with you how expectant I am for the fruit that is to come. It is so hard to put into words the tangible presence of the lord I have been experiencing these past 6 weeks. 
I recognize the favor of the lord over my life, the calling he’s so graciously pulling me into. 


My heart has been set ablaze for the local people of Kona. i’ve mentioned on facebook a baptism of a local guy we’ve been building a relationship with for the past couple months. The spirit broke out and 4 teenagers who were drinking on the beach asked what was going on. We’ve been meeting with them every Tuesday praying and reading together. Finally we were able to bring them to the youth nights we have and all 4 were saved!! The locals on this beach are pretty rough around the edges. Extremely soft at heart after spending every evening playing volleyball with them. I want to ask if you would please be praying for one boy particularly: Justice, he is 17 and homeless. I bought him dinner yesterday and took him to a youth group. It was very out of his element considering his circumstances, selling drugs for his next meal and no place to call home. Pray for the love of Jesus to come over him, pray for his sonship unto the lord and pray for financial breakthrough and restoration in his home life. 


I am inviting you to pray and ask the Lord if supporting me monthly is something he would like you to do, to come alongside me and see the youth of kona saved.   


Lastly, thank you for believing in me and every one of your prayers. I am the fruit of your sowing. And now it is my joy to do what you have done for me to others. 
Jewell Woodard