July 8th Devotion

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  1. Shalom Pastor Steve. Thank you for this devotion. I found some of your wonderful messages you left online on facebook about the Lord. Wow! I am grateful to have you as a brother and friend in Christ. The Lord is so delighted in you as well.
    Thank you for your deep love for the Bible and for teaching it. On July 9 was my birthday and I have been so busy working on my doctorate that I have not been able to celebrate it. Nonetheless, God has a purpose for me getting it. I will be working more on my studies today. Yet, I thought I would take time to hear one of your devotionals. From time to time I have listened to them. They have been a blessing.
    God bless you, your congregation, and family.
    Again, Praise God for all you have shared of God’s Word and the fellowship shared at CEF.
    Blessings and May God grant you the desires of your heart.

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